27 y 28 de octubre del 2018

Centro Creativo Textura

Carrera 54 # 5C – 33

Boletas en la taquilla

Octubre 29 del 2018

Foro académico Voltaje

Universidad de los Andes

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>Juan Ricardo Rincón

Sobre el artista

Juan Ricardo Rincón

Architect from Bogotá, Colombia with a postgraduate degree in Electronic Art. He founded Taller Paralelo Arquitectos in 2010. In 2013, La Feria del Millón was established, an initiative that he still manages together with VOLTAJE. He was in charge of the design of the Centro Creativo Textura, and it’s currently developing projects in Los Angeles, New York and the Saatchi Gallery in London, among others. He has been a professor at the UPenn University in Pennsylvania since 2013 and a visiting critic at Sci-arc University in Los Angeles. Since 2010 he has worked as an architecture editor for the magazine EXCLAMA, and has been a contributor to the SOHO Magazine.