21 y 22 de septiembre de 2019.

Hospital San Juan de Dios

Si viene en taxi u otro medio de transporte la entrada peatonal está localizada en la dirección Avenida Calle 1 #12 – Sur.

Si viene en carro encontrará disponible parqueadero y/o valet parking en la dirección Carrera 10 # 1 Sur.

Boletas en la taquilla.

22 de septiembre de 2019

Voltaje Sessions

Hotel Click Clack

Carrera 11 #93 – 77, Bogotá

23 de septiembre de 2019

Foro académico Voltaje

Universidad de los Andes

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Voltaje – Art and Technology Salon



Voltaje, art and technology salon, is an annual exhibition established in Bogotá, Colombia in 2014 and is a cultural space that provides an overview of the way Colombian and foreign artists explore, confront and assume the multiple relationships between Art and Technology. Voltaje was also created to make this field known to a wider public, a field in which Colombia has been a pioneer country in Latin America since the seventies.

Through it’s six past editions Voltaje has become a landmark of the interaction between arts, science and technology.

So far Voltaje has featured over a hundred artists from Europe, Asia and Latin America, and has presented a wide panorama of different contemporary artistic trends and explorations, where technology plays a key role as the foundation of the poetics of the artworks.

Instead of having a curatorial line, Voltaje articulates different projects that reflect on creation and its diverse reflections and materializations. This concept is articulated in a proposal to create a wide space of interaction with different audiences.

The event is an initiative from La Feria del Millón in a partnership with Universidad de los Andes and Fundación Telefónica, with the support of the Institut Français, the French Embassy, Sci Arc and the City of Bogotá.